• Get DCA’s High-Value Features for No Cost With Our Customer Appreciation Program

    In this webinar they will got through how to get that free upgrade and what benefits you can get by having DCA as well as SA integrated.

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  • Add entries to the hosts file in Kubernetes

    If you have gone through deploying your applications on Kubernetes, you will realize how Kubernetes relies heavily on DNS and you may notice that Kubernetes has a local DNS service that takes care of DNS related activities. This DNS service is used by Kubernetes master nodes to locate worker nodes, and for sure if your… Read More »

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  • Data Center Automation Quick Installation Video

    Data Center Automation or DCA helps you automate compliance and remediation, and provision resources such as operating systems, Docker containers, and databases in a heterogeneous data center.
    Unlike other Micro Focus ITOM suites which are provided in Classical and Container Deployment Framework deployments, Data Center Automation suite is the only suite that is provided in only CDF format, which means it is built purely on Docker and Kubernates and MF Container Deployment Framework.
    This video demonstrates how to install ITOM CDF 2017.10 (which powers the deployment of DCA) and how to install DCA 2017.11.

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