• Webinar: Deliver a More Engaging IT Service Management User Experience with Service Management Automation X

    Today’s workforce expects an engaging and automated experience when submitting IT help desk requests, yet most companies are still using outdated manual service desks.
    Join us for this entertaining live demo of Service Management Automation X (SMAX) and see how machine learning, analytics, and codeless configuration come together to deliver a true digital IT service management experience for business users and IT.

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  • A guide for installing OpsBridge (using Container Deployment Framework) Part 1

    Every three months Micro Focus releases a new release of their suite in ITOM portfolio, as they are adopting DevOps technologies and methodologies.
    This article is about installing Micro Focus Operations Bridge and this mainly for release 2018.02 although today 2018.05 has already released and we are waiting for 2018.08 but let’s think of this article as a way to show you how easy to install a full suite using Containerized technologies.

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  • Webinar: The CMDB/CMS in the Digital Age: A Bedrock for IT Transformation (recorded)

    Leading IT analyst firm Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) indicates that effective deployments of configuration management databases (CMDBs) or federated configuration management systems (CMSs) strongly correlate with success in digital and IT transformation. This fact may come as a surprise given the current industry hype to the contrary, but the reasons for having effective, dynamic and relevant service modeling systems could never be greater. 

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  • HCM Suite 2018.08 Technical Awareness Webinar for Partners

    Join this technical awareness webinar to learn about what’s new in the HCM 2018.08 release. This webinar will supplement previous webinars to provide a cumulative update to the HCM solution offering. A combination of presentation and demonstration will help the audience understand the new release capabilities.

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  • NOM Suite 2018.08 Technical Awareness Webinar for Partners

    We are excited to announce the release of Network Operations Management 2018.08. Join us to learn about the technical enhancements including: new correlation metrics, REST APIs, Cisco APIC fault filtering, CDF improvement, key customer ERs, new licensing model and more.​

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  • Tips: Using Linux installation DVD as yum source

    In the old days, software applications are distributed as source code and to install it to your Linux box, you will need to compile it. there is a famous command called make install Linux companies like Redhat invented a better way to distribute the applications which what we call it packages. Redhat introduced Redhat Package… Read More »

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  • ITMthoughts Tips: Fixing network issue that prevents Docker (Windows Server 2018) service from starting automatically

    This article is part of TIPs and Tricks section of ITM Thoughts and is following the previous article about installing Docker on Windows Server 2016, you can read this article on this link http://www.itmthoughts.com/2018/06/installing-docker-on-windows-server-2016/

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  • Installing Docker on Windows Server 2016

    To install docker on Windows Server 2016, you need to run few commands, and you will get things ready for your containerization world. I will share with you the installation steps and some docker commands and then the errors  (another article) that I have faced during this process. Windows Server 2016 shipped with Docker Enterprise… Read More »

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  • Webinar: What’s New in Service Management Automation 2018.05

    Join us for an exciting and informative look at the latest release of Service Management Automation.
    SMA 2018.05 brings new Studio capabilities for instant creation of new service management applications in a totally codeless fashion.

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  • Renew OO self-signed certificate

    Micro Focus OO has a feature called Studio Remote Debugging that allows an OO user to troubleshoot and debug flow runs in a remote Central. The main use for this feature is to allow customers to use Studio when investigating issues in their Central environments without having to manually deploy fixes and modify the Central… Read More »

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