wabbly containers!

Today, I have seen that my kubernetes cluster was switched to cordon mode, where all nodes suddenly become not supporting pod scheduling.

I thought to share the commands and sample of the screen outputs.


First, I have listed the pods and I found many pods are in a pending state, this means that Kubernetes is not yet assigned the node to a node to run any of these pods.

I ran normal get pod commands as seen below!

Containers are in pending state (not scheduled)

Second, to check what’s happening, I run get nodes command to see, and status was clear that the nodes have been configured to Disable Scheduling.

Nodes are marked as Scheduling Disabled

So I stared with enabling scheduling on nodes, by removing them from current cordon they are in!

Now the nodes are restored

I have run again the get pod command to see the progress.

Now containers start to popup (Starting)

I have run get events command to get what is happening behind the scene, it seems that everything goes back to normal, excepts a little DiskPressure happened, this is normal (not having the high-speed disk expected) as there are many pods are scheduled at the same time.

Now nodes are back and everything seems to be fine.

Now things getting back to normal

Now my cluster is restored and Operations Bridge is back to normal

I like this dashboard.

Thank you for reading!

Mahmoud Ibrahim (admin)

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